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November 23, 2022

School Happenings Update 
-by Elem/MS/HS Lead Teachers

Enjoy this recap of today's SOAR (Sharing Opportunities for Academics and Relationships) Day at Lititz Christian School.

For elementary students, the theme of this SOAR day was A Day of Gratitude. We are so

 thankful for the people of Lititz Church of the Brethren who have shown the love of Christ towards us in graciously and generously sharing their space with us and making us feel at home and loved at LCOB!  Therefore, a large portion of our day was spent creating gifts of gratitude for them: Mrs. Amy Fisher lead students in producing a Thank You song/video for the congregation; the students also worked on writing thank you cards for congregational members.  Additionally, students spent some time participating in other fun Thanksgiving activities as well as playing outside and enjoying individual class parties at the end of the half day.

Middle school students also participated in a SOAR Day of Gratitude today! Students were able to reflect and take time to consider what they are grateful for in their own lives. They had an opportunity to create thank you cards for the church members at Lititz Church of the Brethren expressing thanks for the shared space and kindness from the church body. Students were also able to center on thankfulness to God through prayer writing and watercolor scripture verse creations. Lastly, students worked on service projects around the church, while reflecting on their thankfulness for this building and our school! 

For SOAR Day this quarter, high school students are participating in Culture Day! Madame Nickel and her sister (a chef visiting from France!) demonstrated and lead students in how to make authentic French pastries using various skills in the kitchen. In the gym, Senora Rittler taught students in the art of salsa dancing!  Meanwhile, Mrs. Titter helped students handcraft their own origami creations as well as prepared a paper stained glass window, mimicking stained glass which was observed by foreign language students on their Philadelphia Art museum field trip . Finally, Mrs. Balmer showed a TED talk delivered by a photographer whose mission is to help communities around the world stand up for what they believe in and spark global change starting at the local level. Inspired by the video, students had an opportunity to learn photography skills while taking each other's portraits.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lititz Christian School community, we are so thankful for you! 

November 9, 2022

Head of School Update
-by Allyson Harmon

Our Day of Plenty last weekend was a huge success; what an incredible weekend celebrating all that God is doing in and through Lititz Christian School. We sold almost 700 chicken bbq tickets on Friday. At the annual members meeting Friday evening, the board and administration provided an update on the state of the school, including financial, enrollment and relocation updates. In addition, members voted and approved school board officers for the academic year, and board candidate, Corey Hamilton, was voted on to the board for a three year term. Members in attendance were challenged to raise $5000 during the meeting. Over $5000 was raised in just over an hour. Those funds were matched by a $5000 donation from our LC faculty, staff and board.  A reception with light refreshments concluded the festive evening celebrating blessings at our new location. 
As planning began for the November 5th Harvest Fest, we were concerned about the potential for cold weather. We even joked about the possibility of snow in November. Instead, we were incredibly blessed with a beautiful 76 degrees and sunny, which made for a perfect day. Hundreds of families from the Lititz community attended the Harvest Fest on Saturday. What a wonderful opportunity to introduce so many people to the amazing things happening at Lititz Christian. Also during the Harvest Fest, we had the opportunity to give 10 tours to interested families.
Our Day of Plenty ended with the High School Fall Ball.  Students enjoyed fall-themed beverages and refreshments, a campfire, and a night of dancing with a great DJ. During the evening we were able to announce our final fundraising total for the Day of Plenty which was $60,279.22. $50,000 of the funds raised will go toward the annual fund.  The remaining $10,279.22 will be applied to the capital campaign. 
A generous donor has offered a $50,000 match toward all donations directed to the capital campaign before December 31st. Please contact Nicole Hurst at if you are interested in making a donation to our annual fund or capital campaign. Your generosity assists Lititz Christian School in continuing our mission to partner with Christian families to prepare students to honor Jesus Christ in scholarship, vocation and lifestyle. 
Last and not least, The Day of Plenty and Harvest Fest would not have been possible without our wonderful volunteers. I was amazed to see our supply signup lists and volunteer time slot needs being met so quickly by Lititz Christian’s staff and community.  I am grateful for your generous support!  Thank you for being part of this uplifting day. It was such a wonderful celebration of all the Lord is accomplishing through Lititz Christian School. 

November 1, 2022

School Board Update 
- by Jeff Gerard, Board Chair

Greetings Lititz Christian community,
Fall weather brings me great joy. Looking at the brilliantly painted trees that border our school, I just want to jump in and get lost in the color. Why would God bless us with such beauty? The answer is there, but sometimes hard to remember: it is simply for our joy and His Glory!  What an encouragement.

Lititz Christian School is so blessed. The Board of Directors would like to share more details about the state of the school this Friday during our Day of Plenty celebration meeting at 6:30 pm.  We'll worship together, and then the board and school leadership will share about the school’s financials and enrollment, and our capital campaign. There will be an update on our relocation plans and we will conclude with a member vote for our newest Board member, Corey Hamilton, and for the leadership team of the Board (chair, treasurer, and secretary). For the bios of those being presented for a vote, please see below.

We are so excited about what the Lord is doing at LCS! As the Psalmist sang, His love reaches to the heavens and His faithfulness reaches to the skies. As a school community, we have experienced the exceptional faithfulness of our God and are privileged to steward His school into the next season of providing a biblical, academic education which prepares students to honor Jesus Christ in scholarship, vocation, and lifestyle.

In preparation for the member meeting and Day of Plenty this Friday, please consider these two opportunities to partner with what the Lord is doing at LCS

The LCS Annual Fund supports the operation of the school. This is what the school needs to raise each year to break even. We have a goal of raising $50,000 this weekend toward the Annual Fund. Our incredible faculty and board have committed to a $5,000 match toward this goal!

The Capital Campaign is our opportunity to give generously toward the next season of LCS. We are preparing to build or renovate an existing building by 2025. More will be shared about our progress toward relocation on Friday night! Once our $50,000 goal is met for the annual fund, all remaining dollars will be directed to the Capital Campaign. A donor has committed to a $50,000 match for gifts that go toward the Capital Campaign.

Please prayerfully consider what you might give. We will invite you to contribute on Friday night and again on Saturday. In this unique season of development for LCS, perhaps the Lord is inviting you to give beyond what you have given in the past, and we invite you to join us in serving the Lord through LCS.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday night. Have a great week!

Jeff Gerard 
LCS Board of Directors Chair 

Board Member / Candidate Bios

Dr. Jeffrey Gerard /Chair of the Board 
Jeff is a physician at Penn State Community Health-Cornerstone. He has been involved with LC for over 15 years and has 4 children, including 2 graduates, 1 junior, and 1 kindergartner. Jeff graduated from Penn State twice, first with a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and then with his Doctorate in medicine. He has been married to Julie for 26 years and his church home is Harvest Bible Church where he serves as an elder. Jeff enjoys baking, then eating, then baking. He loves to travel with his family and learning how to camp. Jeff appreciates the unity in diversity of the LCS community as we pursue Christ's Kingdom together.

Rodney Bert/Secretary (2020-23) 
Rodney is Chief Financial Officer at Listrak. He is a hands-on, strategic executive with more than 20 years of experience leading business expansion through revenue growth and increasing profitability. His areas of expertise include strategic planning and forecasting, strategy implementation, and budgeting. Rodney and his wife, Gina, live in Lititz and have been married for 29 years. They have 4 children, 3 graduates of LCS and a current senior.

Josh Antes/Treasurer (2020-23)  
Josh is owner-operator of Lititz Family Cupboard restaurant. He also works for Newport Management Group as their Controller working with 7 restaurant industry entities. Josh has been married to his lovely wife, Genna, for 16 years and they have 5 children. Josh has served on the Finance Committee for many years at LCS. His favorite part of Lititz Christian is the faith-based education that the students receive, and the community of believers that have come to be an extension of the community of believers that have come to be an extension of the family.


Corey Hamilton (Board Candidate 2022-24) 
Corey Hamilton is a graduate of Messiah College with an undergraduate degree in accounting and a Master’s in Strategic Leadership.  He is also a licensed CPA.  Corey has worked in the retirement community industry for over twenty years, spending 14 as a Chief Financial Officer at a Community in State College and the last 2 years as the CFO at Landis Communities in Lititz.  He spent several years as the Treasurer and School Board member for Nittany Christian School in State College.  He is a strong supporter of Christian education and grateful for the work of Lititz Christian School. 


October 18, 2022

Head of School Update
-by Allyson Harmon, Head of School 


We are excited about the addition of SOAR Days to the programming at Lititz Christian. SOAR is an acronym that stands for Sharing Opportunities for Academics and Relationships. These special days will include themed activities, field trips, and project-based learning activities. September 29th was our first scheduled SOAR Day. Read more about the exciting activities below.

Students enjoyed an Apple Themed SOAR day!  For math and science, students tasted a variety of apples, voted on favorites and graphed the results. For art, students constructed apple trees out of pinecones and exercised their creativity to make their apple tree unique.  Students also expressed creativity in writing by penning their own apple haikus, acronyms, creative writing and descriptive writing as they explored apples using their five senses. Outside, in the crisp fall air, students enjoyed some physical education with apple relay races and games.  Students also engaged in some fun STEAM activities such as building with apples,  seeing how many whole apples they could stack without them toppling over, experimenting with Apple Ooblek, and designing apple boats which they tested and improved for buoyancy. In another enjoyable and creative activity, students participated in a no-bake cooking lesson in which they designed their own Apple Ring “Donuts'' and then ate their tasty treat.  Finally, there were many delicious varieties of apple snacks and apple drinks for all to enjoy! Students were engaged in fun hands-on learning throughout the half-day of Sharing Opportunities for Academics and Relationships!

Middle School:
The middle school students met outside in the pavilion to participate in a number of activities in their community groups. (Community groups are made up of students from each grade level).  Leading up to our first SOAR day, the students completed an activity in language arts class where they were asked to identify artifacts and write about their significance. They were asked to choose one of those artifact responses to revise and share with their community group. In order to continue to build upon the summer community read, A Wrinkle in Time, students worked in their community groups to design and build a tesseract, a four-dimensional cube. In just under an hour all ten groups successfully completed the challenge and the end results were impressive! The final activity of the morning was to begin recording a 90-Second Newbery Film for A Wrinkle in Time.

9/10 Graders:
Today, the freshman and sophomores spent the day exploring the physics behind simple yard games and playground equipment. They discovered how motion and forces impact swinging and sliding on the playground, how Newton’s laws explain the game of (giant) Jenga, how friction plays a part in cornhole and how energy is transformed through a chain reaction of cascading dominos. Students used their critical thinking skills to analyze these physics concepts and they used their creativity to design their own dream playground. Today’s lessons were a review of fundamental physics concepts for the 10th graders who had physical science last year, and a preview for what’s to come for this year's 9th-grade physical science students!

11/12 Graders: 
Today, the juniors and seniors spent the morning learning about the American Revolution and the establishment of the U.S. Constitution via Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. We connected characters in the musical like George Washington, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson and many more to historical moments in the 1770s and beyond in America. Learning about essential historical happenings and figures helped to prepare students for our trip to Yorktown and Colonial Williamsburg where students had the opportunity to interact firsthand with some of these landmarks and historical figures. 


September 30, 2022

Head of School Update 
-by Allyson Harmon, Head of School

We are so thankful for you, Lititz Christian School’s family and friends, for your support of the school for the past 44 years. We are also thankful for the outstanding work of the Lancaster County Community Foundation (LCCF) and the ExtraOrdinary Give. LCCF has served our county well and we believe will continue to do so in the future. We have seen the impact of the ExtraGive on the Lancaster community and have experienced growth ourselves as a result of our participation. Lititz Christian has participated in the ExtraGive since 2013 and has raised over $580,000 in those 9 days of giving!  

This year, LCCF has made some changes to their application requirements that have caused us to consider how our school’s Christ-centered values align with the values of LCCF. As a result, we have opted out of participating in the ExtraGive this year

Lititz Christian recognizes the useful fundraising tool the ExtraGive has provided to our community in the past, and we also acknowledge the school’s fundraising needs in this exciting stage of our history. That’s why we’re happy to announce our upcoming Day of Plenty on November 4th-5th. We will be participating in this one-day major fundraising event instead of the ExtraGive, and we invite you to join us!

We continue to be thankful for our years of partnership with the LCCF and pray God’s blessing on them as we both seek the flourishing of our city and county.

Lititz Christian families, please pray with us and for us. We are excited to share upcoming ways to support the mission and vision of Lititz Christian School and how you can be a part of the important work God is doing among us. 

With gratitude, 
Allyson Harmon, Head of School

September 20, 2022

Operations/Relocation Update 
-by Liz Grubb, Director of Operations and Culture 

The start of the school year is always a busy but exciting time. One of the things I love most is this anticipation that seems to be in the air - there’s a lot that can happen in a school year. I am reminded over and over again why starting something new is so exciting. This year we have seen extraordinary energy from our students. They are excited to be in our new space and ready to learn.  
The Student Activities Leadership Team (SALT) has this energy too. These high school students are ready to deepen fellowship at the school. The SALT mission is simple: to create opportunities to engage the student body. They will host events for different grades and for the entire school to further this mission. We are excited that the SALT group is passionate about serving the school and staying on mission! One student shared that having a mission is important because “it shows that we care about our school and our schoolmates and want to create a community of belonging as well as one of fun and fellowship.” Awesome!  SALT is looking to host several events this fall, events that spotlight specific grades as well as some all school activities.  
In keeping with the theme of new and that “back to school” energy - our current location is beautiful and so welcoming. We are so grateful to the relocation team that helped us find and secure the Lititz Church of the Brethren space. Now, a new relocation team looks ahead to finding a permanent home for our school. Our team is gaining momentum and setting goals as we consider all the aspects of a permanent space. We are continuing to look at properties, in the process of a feasibility study, coordinating with lenders, and continuing in our capital campaign. Please join us in prayer as the relocation team works on these things and seeks God’s wisdom and guidance in this endeavor.

September 14, 2022

Spiritual Life Update 
-by Pastor Ross Dunk, Campus Pastor

Each year at Lititz Christian School the administration works together to select a theme for the upcoming year. This year we chose two words from Colossians 1:9-10 as our theme: “Walk Worthy”. There are many things that distract us and compete for our attention, and yet we know that we are called to live differently – to “Walk Worthy”. The theme this year is about cultivating a Godly character that pleases the Lord.

As we begin this new school year it is our desire and prayer that our Lititz Christian family, because of our personal faith in Jesus Christ and our commitment to the Word of God, will “Walk Worthy of the Lord.”   

September 09, 2022      
School Board Update      
-by Jeff Gerard, School Board Chair 

To our LCS Community: 
Thank you for all you’ve done to make the first two weeks of school run smoothly, from encouraging your children as they adjust to a new space to navigating drop off and pick up lines. There’s much to learn this year, and it’s not just academics! On behalf of the board, we would like to acknowledge the hard work of our administration, faculty, staff, and volunteers, who have made this transition a reality. Personally, my LCS senior felt right at home, excited by the wonderful facilities at LCOB, and encouraged by the efforts that the teachers have made to ease the transition. I have so much hope for the future!

At the beginning of the school year, we learned that Mike Rohrer, our high school principal, needed to step away due to health reasons. Please pray with us for Mike. Thank you to Jenn Balmer (MS/HS department leader) and Anna Urquhart (MS/HS academic advisor) who have each stepped up to fill critical gaps while we search for a principal. The search for principal has commenced and we hope to have the role filled by January, 2023. This timeline depends largely on our candidate pool, so please pray with us that the Lord will guide the right person to this crucial role.

Thank you for submitting your recommendations for board seats. We have three open seats this year. Per our process, those who are nominated are sent to the governance committee and considered by the board. We then pursue conversations with those who could be a good fit, and present them to the community for affirmation. Names and biographies of candidates will be shared in this blog prior to our annual member meeting in October. 

I am in awe of the dedication and sacrifice of so many in our staff and community. By God's grace we are in a new building, excited by excellent leadership and educators, and encouraged for the future.


Jeff Gerard
Chair, LCS Board

August 30, 2022      
Administration Update      
-by Allyson Harmon, Head of School  

What an incredible first day of school! Students were energized and excited to be back together. We started our day with First Day Worship. Pastor Ross Dunk challenged us to be forward-thinking, courageous and to tackle challenges with a smile. 
We recognized our freshmen and seniors during a special lunch celebration. The seniors imparted words of wisdom to the freshman as they reflected on their high school years. The class advisors prayed over the freshman as they celebrated their first day of high school and the seniors as they celebrated their last first day. The students enjoyed ending their time together with Rita’s Ice.   
Thank you for all your prayers through the logistics of moving. All the work of the summer paid off as the hallways and classrooms filled with students. We are excited for the rest of our First Week!  

August 9, 2022     
Administration Update     
-by Allyson Harmon, Head of School 

We are excited to announce that we have hired Doug Yager as Lititz Christian School's new Athletic Director. Doug will take over the roles previously held by Ryan McCracken and Allan Dunk. Allan will continue to teach PE classes at Lititz Christian but has chosen to step away from his role as the Assistant Athletic Director to focus on his growing family.   
Doug and his family have been a part of the Lititz Christian family since enrolling their two sons at Lititz Christian in 2008. Doug is a seasoned athletic administrator and coach with over 20 years of experience at the college level. We are looking forward to the energy and passion that he will bring to our athletic program. I am confident that Doug’s vision for our athletic program will lead us in our mission to prepare students to honor Jesus Christ in scholarship, vocation, and lifestyle.

August 1, 2022        
Education Update  
- by Allyson Harmon, Head of School

We are pleased to announce that we have hired Mike Rohrer as our new Middle School/High School Principal. Mike is not a stranger to Lititz Christian. He began his career at Lititz Christian in 1990. Mike spent 15 years at Lititz Christian as the head administrator overseeing the K-12 school program. After leaving Lititz Christian, Mike spent 16 years as the Head of School at Holly Grove Christian School in Westover, Maryland. Mike and his wife, Becky, moved back to the area this summer to be closer to family, including 3 of their grandchildren who live locally. Mike’s three children graduated from Lititz Christian, and he is looking forward to returning to the LC Community. 
Mike and our new Director of Operations, Liz Grubb, begin their positions with us on Monday, August 1st. We praise God for bringing both of these individuals to the Lititz Chrisitan community. Please continue to pray that God would lead the right individual to Lititz Christian for the Director of Advancement position.

July 21, 2022       
Advancement Update 
- by Niki Cadwalader, Senior Director of Advancement 

Lititz Christian School Community,  
It is time to sign up for the final phase of our move! Please visit the Google Form HERE to learn how you can help move the ELC, Offices, and Kitchen items on August 11, 12 and 13!  
High school students will get community service hours. Families will earn volunteer hours. We are so close to the end of this l-o-n-g moving process and we need your support to finish strong!
Thank you in advance! 

July 11, 2022      
School Board Post 
- by Jeff Gerard, School Board Chair 

It has been a time of intense activity at Lititz Christian School. As a result of a lot of hard work and excellent leadership from the school administration, our K-12 program has officially moved to Lititz Church of the Brethren!  We are so grateful to each one who has given sacrificially to make this move possible. The ELC move happens in August, so please stay tuned for additional ways you can serve!

Our after-school program is thriving! In order to sustain and scale this program, we purchased a fourth van to help transport students.

Head of School Search:  
Over the last 18+ months, we have seen Allyson Harmon’s leadership skills flourish. She has stepped up in a season of unknowns, led with vision and wisdom, collaborated and delegated, and gained the trust of other senior leaders, the board, parents and students, and faculty/staff. We are beyond thrilled to share that Allyson has been invited to step into the role of Interim Head of School and she has accepted!

Questions you may be asking
How long is “interim”?  Given the rhythms of the school year and when educators are doing their job seeking, we anticipate this being a 1-year role with the opportunity to extend or evolve into a long-term position. And if course, if God brings a candidate sooner, we are open to adjusting.

Will we be continuing the search?  Yes. We will continue to seek external candidates and will keep you up to date as the search evolves.

Thank you for your continued prayers over this role. We’re thrilled to have Allyson lead us and believe that the Lord has been preparing her for such a time as this. 

Other Exciting News: 
As you know, we have a number of key positions open. We are excited to share that Liz Grubb will be joining LCS as the Senior Director of Operations and Culture at LCS! Liz is a graduate of Grove City College with a bachelor’s degree in political science and religious thought. She also achieved her master’s degree in higher education from Geneva College. Professionally, Liz has worked at Lancaster Bible College and more recently, York College. She is an accomplished, disciplined operations coordinator with demonstrated abilities and leadership in project implementation and management, supervision and team leadership, initiative and dedication to projects and tasks, and excellent organizational skills. She has experience in problem solving in crisis response, project and program creation and oversight, critical thinking on strategic goals and departmental outcomes, and managing large department budgets. In this role, Liz will report to Allyson and will oversee most non-academic support services including HR, compliance, finance, spiritual life, and athletics. Liz and her husband, Dan, are the parents of two young children, Nolan and Olivia. Please extend a warm LCS welcome to Liz and her family as she begins her role on August 1! 

Please continue to pray with us about the roles of principal, athletic director, and director of advancement – good conversations with potential candidates are continuing to happen around those positions. In the meantime, we are praising the Lord for His provision!

With September on the horizon, we are seeking additional board members. If you would like to nominate any potential members please complete the form found here. We are seeking board members with pastoral or fundraising experience, specifically.

God is doing some amazing things at Lititz Christian! Thank you for serving and partnering with us.

Jeff Gerard, School Board Chair

Oct 18, 2021

Education Update

- by Allyson Harmon, Senior Director of Education

One of the things we missed last year was the ability to take field trips.  We are excited about providing off-campus trips and experiences for our students this school year.  Field trips offer an opportunity for students to touch, feel and listen to what they are learning about in the classroom.  These experiences help students build on classroom instruction, better understand topics, and make connections to their classroom learning.  

A few field trip highlights over the last few weeks…
  • 11th and 12th grade students had the opportunity to visit the Renaissance Faire.
  • 8th grade students traveled to Hershey.
  • 6th grade students visited local points of interest in Lititz.

We are also excited about our middle school and high school students’ opportunity to participate in a service project at GAIN this coming week.  The students will prepare humanitarian supplies for shipment to people in need around the globe. Students will sort and pack new and used clothes and shoes and other critical aid items. International partners working in the toughest places on earth will use these items to express the kindness of Jesus to the people they serve. 

Oct 12, 2021

Advancement Update

- by Niki Cadwalader, Senior Director of Advancement

Our donors are inspiring! LCS is in the midst of transition and our donor base has been faithful and generous. Our annual fund goal is to raise $250,000 by June 30, 2022.  Over $62,000 has been raised in the first three months of our fiscal year. This is right on track for success!

We continue to look for new ways to request donations, especially for our Sponsor a Day fundraiser. Help us bridge the gap between revenue and expenses by making a one-time donation through our Sponsor A Day calendar!  Honor, celebrate, or remember a special person or date in your life!  Sponsor a Day and donate the dollar amount for your selected date!  When all dates are sponsored we will raise $66,795.00. Visit our website here. You make a difference. We continue to be blessed in many ways and look forward to a future filled with promise and hope!

Sept 30, 2021

School Board Post

- by Jeff Gerard, LC Board Chair

Member Meeting Update
Greetings Lititz Christian School members!  This blog is coming to you four days early so we can share some good news with you. 

Relocation Update
It was a pleasure to see many of you on Tuesday evening in-person or virtually. It was a great night celebrating what God is doing at Lititz Christian! We want to update those of you who were unable to attend the Member’s Meeting.  On Sunday morning, members of the administration and the school board presented a plan to the congregation of Lititz Church of the Brethren to lease their facility for 3 years. We are excited to announce that the congregation responded positively and voted to approve a 3-year lease of their building starting July 1, 2022.  

At Tuesday’s Members Meeting, Rachel Weaver, the board's vice-chair, shared the following about our experience with LCOB, "Let me tell you a little bit about our experience with the leadership team at Lititz Church of the Brethren. In a time when we were uncertain what the Lord would provide or where He would lead, when we were feeling the intense pressure of where our kids might learn and be discipled, where our teachers would teach… Pastors Eric and Jim opened the doors and welcomed us in. With their leadership team and congregation, they showed incredible kindness to us. They asked hard questions and so did we. They prayed for us, and we prayed for them." 

 The Lord has shown us a miracle and answered our prayers.  We are excited about this partnership and covet your prayers as we continue to work through zoning, traffic studies, and logistics. 

Financial Update                                                                             

We’d like to start off our financial update by highlighting our journey over the last few school  years. In 2019 we started off the school year with our highest enrollment in 10+ years with 414  students in ELC & K-12 programs. We were on pace to have our best financial year prior to  COVID shut down and our shift to online learning. For our 2020-21 school year budget we anticipated losing students due to the COVID impact. We had  349 students enrolled for the school year. This was down 65 students and was much lower than our budget had estimated. PPP funds were an answer to prayer and helped us to continue the school year without a drastic impact on programming. For the 2021-22 school year we have seen enrollment grow and we are up to 394. This is currently 7 students more than what was budgeted and an answer to prayer! 

2021-2022 Budgeted Revenues & Expenses 

Election Results      
Each of the five board member candidates was elected to serve on the LCS board. These are Marcia Brenner, Justin Harbin, Faith Kreider Evans, Jeff Gerard and Rachel Weaver.  Congratulations to our newest additions and welcome! May you find your work here to be fruitful.

Future of LCS
We are excited about what is ahead for LCS. The Lord's provision and your faithful support have helped us to be in a strong financial position as we look ahead to relocation. We are also excited as we look to develop our plans for a permanent home!

Sept 27, 2021

Operations Post

- by Ryan McCracken, Senior Director of Operations

Lititz Christian athletic teams are off to a fast start this Fall with a combined record of 18 wins to only 8 losses. And, believe it or not, after a full slate of games this week, we will be at the halfway point of the Fall season. Thanks to the many of you fans who have come out to support our Eagles in action this season. As a reminder, game schedules for all teams can be found in the Athletics section of the LC website or by visiting We are looking forward to a successful second half of the season and value the relationships and life lessons that will continue to be learned through sport at Lititz Christian School.

A reminder that our Homecoming Celebration is coming up in October. The initial event will be a high school dance(gr9-12 only) that will take place in the school gymnasium on Saturday, October 9 from 7:00- 9:00 pm. The cost for this event is $15 per person. Checks can be made payable to Lititz Christian School and payment should be received in the school office by Friday, October 8. More details are to come for those attending the event. We will also do a school wide celebration later on in the school year in lieu of a large community and school wide homecoming celebration this Fall. In addition, we will host our previously rescheduled game night. Game Night will be open to all middle and high school students at Lititz Christian and will take place on Friday evening, October 15th.

Finally, tomorrow night, Tuesday, September 28, is our school board led annual members' meeting. You will not want to miss this time together as a school family.  Prior to the meeting, an email will be provided with the virtual link. Whether you join virtually or in person, we hope to see you there at 7pm.

Sept 20, 2021

Education Post

- by Allyson Harmon, Senior Director of Education

Lititz Christian has implemented MAPS testing during the 2021-2022 school year.  Students in kindergarten through Grade 10 took MAPS Growth tests from NWEA on a device (computer, Chromebook, or iPad) last week. This standardized testing replaces GMADE and GRADE testing we have used previously.  

MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth. Teachers use results to tailor classroom lessons and set goals for students. MAP Growth tests are unique, and adapt to your child’s responses to measure your child’s skill level. If your child answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If he/she answers incorrectly, the next one is easier. These results will provide a complete picture of what your child knows and is ready to learn—and whether their knowledge is on, above, or below their grade level. 

Since MAP Growth tests provide immediate and accurate information about your child’s learning, it’s easy for teachers to identify students with similar scores that are generally ready for instruction in similar skills and topics and then plan instruction accordingly. MAP Growth reports also provide typical growth data for students in the same grade, subject, and starting performance level. Each school year, students in kindergarten through 10th grade will take the tests three times a year. While this year is our first implementation of MAP Growth tests, we are pleased with the outcomes of the first tests and are excited to share your student’s growth through the year. 

During the scheduled September 30th professional development day, teachers will receive further training for using the data collected from Growth MAPS testing.  We will share test scores with parents during the first week of October.  The next administration of the test will take place in January. 

Allyson Harmon 
Head of School

Liz Grubb
Director of Operations and Culture