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The high school at Lititz Christian consists of grades 9 through 12  and is designed to build in each student a fully integrated, personal faith in Jesus Christ as well as an awareness of the gifts and talents God has created in them to develop and use for His glory. The high school offers students new and expanded opportunities academically, socially, spiritually, and in the extracurricular arenas. In an effort to help students gain a better understanding of the fullness of life and faith, they are challenged by faculty to get outside their comfort zones during the high school years.

The goal is for students to develop a healthy awareness – mentally, physically, and spiritually – not just of themselves, but also God’s world. As students mature, they begin to take ownership of their own growth in all areas, and also to develop in concern for the world and mankind. Through the Christ-like example of faculty and administration, students are supported and encouraged each day.Students are encouraged to be involved in at least one major activity outside the academic day.

Lititz Christian is blessed to be able to offer many of the activities available at larger schools, but small enough that each student has the opportunity to fully participate. Our goal is for students to become part of the school's larger mission by learning to expand themselves and discover their passions through participation in extracurricular activities. We recognize it is sometimes difficult to balance academics, extracurricular activities, and personal life; however we support and encourage that as part of the maturation process. Whether trying out for a play, or participating on one of our athletic teams, Lititz Christian is a small, family-oriented school that helps students develop the skills and confidence to find the passions God has designed them to enjoy. 

The academic goal of Lititz Christian is to prepare each student for their future. Students can choose standard, honors, or Advanced Placement classes to match their particular academic goals and abilities. Lititz Christian offers an academic program that concentrates on depth rather than breadth of subject matter. We believe students should master core subjects before graduating from high school. In these courses, students wrestle with ideas, events, and discoveries that have shaped this nation and the world. To compliment the core curriculum, we also offer a range of elective courses which focus on specific knowledge to round out the academic profile of each student. The rigor of the high school curriculum is matched by the school’s commitment to small class sizes along with a homeroom and advisory program that helps students develop personal relationships to guide them throughout high school and toward their future goals and callings. 

What we hold to be most important at Lititz Christian is the spiritual and character development of the students in our care. We want Jesus Christ and His love to be evident in all we do. This begins with the hiring of people who enthusiastically support the mission, values and faith statement of Lititz Christian. We desire that our faculty will model high moral character and Christian ideals for our students on a daily basis. While chapel services, Bible studies, mission trips and service opportunities place students in strong and active Christian settings, we recognize that what influences students most is the living witness of our faculty and staff. We want to impact the lives of our students in a positive way each day, in order to bring glory to God’s Kingdom.