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Click here for the 2023-24 JOINDER FORM and Mailing Instructions

We have an incredible opportunity
for eligible individuals and business owners to receive up to a 90% tax credit for contributions to the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program by joining a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) to provide Tax-Credit Scholarships for Lititz Christian students.


Here are some important things to understand about SPE:

SPE enables qualified investors or business owners to multiply the impact of their contribution by 10 times. 
SPE qualified investors receive up to a 90% tax credit on their PA tax liability for a contribution to help students afford Lititz Christian School (or any private school of their choice).

For example:
Tom Taxpayer owes $4500 in PA taxes. He joins the SPE and makes a contribution of $5,000. He will then receive a 90% tax credit on his SPE contribution, which will result in a $4500 tax credit that reduces his PA tax liability to zero. Thus, in effect, since Tom Taxpayer has to pay his $4500 PA taxes no matter what, it has cost him $500 out of pocket to redirect the entire amount of his PA tax liability to the school of his choice, resulting in a $5,000 EITC scholarship for students at Lititz Christian.

We are looking for individuals or businesses who pay at least $3,500 in Pennsylvania taxes, and have a joint income of $115,000/year.  It is also possible for certain corporations, partnerships, insurance companies and banks to participate. If you, or someone you know meet this criteria, please email our Advancement Department at or call the LC office. (717-626-9518) .

Even if you are not a qualified investor yourself – you may know someone who is.
Please help us to meet people who are eligible and eager to partner with us in this program!

What is a Tax-Credit Scholarship?

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