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Senior Trip

Starting with the Class of 2012, it has been Lititz Christian's goal to provide each senior class with the opportunity to embark on an international mission trip.  When the program started, classes would choose a service destination. Then, over the years, a partnership bond was developed with the ministry and people of Clubhouse Guatemala.  Thus, we have committed to serving in Guatemala with our students.*  Each year's senior class builds relationships with the children at Clubhouse Guatemala and then looks forward to updates from each new class that goes to serve.  Serving in partnership with Clubhouse Guatemala has helped build a consistency in the program and ministry.  Stories and testimonies the students and adults bring back are amazing.  Class relationships grow deeper as they serve the needs of a community living in utter poverty.  Relationships are formed with children and adults through the activities and service at the Clubhouse. Students see God at work and return with a profound gratitude for the life He gives. 

*In 2021, students were unable to go on a trip due to Covid19.  Similarly, also due to Covid19,  the Class of 2022 went to south Florida, working with a ministry partner, Pelican Ministries, instead of going to Guatemala. 

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Clubhouse Guatemala


Previous trips
* 2012 - Camp Bahamas
* 2013 - Costa Rica
* 2014 - Scotland
* 2015 - Guatemala
* 2016 - Hungary
* 2017 - Guatemala
* 2018 - Guatemala
* 2019 - Guatemala
* 2020 - Guatemala
* 2021 - Covid19
* 2022 - South Florida
* 2023 - Guatemala
* 2024 - Guatemala