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Infants can be accepted into the Early Learning Center’s care at 6 weeks old.  Before your child’s first day, we encourage parents to come to the ELC to visit the classroom and staff.  You will get to know the teachers, children, and the facility, and we can answer the questions you are bound to have.  This will help make the first day go a little more smoothly for your child and you.  The ELC team will work with your family to ensure that your infant’s schedule is based on his or her needs.  Lititz Christian’s ELC supports breastfeeding mothers, and provides a private room where mothers can spend quiet time while breastfeeding their child.  Parents may supply breast milk or infant formula for feedings.

The toddler classroom follows a group schedule.  Infants are transitioned gradually from the nursery to the toddler program to our Wonderful Ones class when they are at least one year of age and developmentally ready.

Our Little Engineers class is the next classroom, which is a transitional room before children enter our Terrific Twos class.  Then our Eager Explorers class is a pre-preschool class for 2-3 year olds. 

Individual lesson plans are created each week for your child. Class activities are age appropriate and designed to help your infant and toddler learn and grow. Child assessments and portfolios are completed for each child. This allows our teachers to track and document your child’s development, which is shared with parents in periodic progress reports as well as daily infant/toddler grams.

Your child will be taken care of by our team of childcare professionals.  You can be assured of your child’s well-being, as we  daily love, nurture and meet all the needs of every child in our care.


The curriculum consists of developmental activities using themes centered around social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical growth, and is teacher created. Teachers prepare weekly lesson plans that are based on PA Early Learning Standards. Manipulatives and other purchased items supplement the custom lesson plans. 
Parents are invited to participate in class parties and activities such as Cookies and Carols in December, and our Spring Fling in May. We welcome parents/family members to volunteer in our classrooms (reading and sharing their culture and heritage).


Daily activities include:
  • The Bible – where stories, songs and verses from God’s Word serve as an integral part of our total program
  • Centers – where children are free to choose from a variety of available activities
  • Language experience – using children’s literature, role play and imagination as well as social experiences
  • Small motor activities – using finger and hand control to paint, draw, color, puzzles and build with duplos.
  • Gross motor activities are needed to exercise and gain muscle control of growing limbs. Children are provided with play equipment such as bean bags, hoops for jumping, jump ropes, parachutes, floor puzzles, scooter boards and large blocks to promote gross motor development.
  • Creative expression through process art and music activities
Special activities throughout the year include:
  • Family events such as our Cookies and Carols, International Potluck, Spring Fling, and Grandparents Day celebrations
  • Visits from people from our community to show and tell our children how their work helps others
  • Outdoor water days during the summer
  • Theme weeks in conjunction with world events – Olympics, Fire Prevention Week, etc.