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Susan Roller

I was born in San Francisco, CA, almost 65 years ago. After my father's death, my mother and I moved to southern California to be with her widowed sister. I graduated from Fallbrook Union High School in Fallbrook, CA, in 1971. I then attended Texas Christian University, graduating in 1975 with a B.A. in Math and French. After graduation, I taught math at Lake Worth High School in Texas. I also graduated from North Texas State University with an M.Ed in Secondary School Counseling in 1979.

I married Calvin Roller in 1978. Due to Cals occupation, we moved from TX to CT, FL, OH and finally to PA! We have lived in Lancaster since 1990. One of Cal's cousins, whose daughters attended Lititz Christian School before there was a high school, lived here and recommended LC for our daughters. We enrolled them and have never regretted one moment!  Our three daughters attended LC & two graduated from here. All are married with two children apiece. (Our middle daughter is awaiting adoption of a little boy from South Korea; we hope that happens later this year.) 

I started volunteering in the brand-new computer room, which had one or two computers! The school found out I was a former math teacher and asked me to teach the 8th grade algebra class. I began teaching in 1991 the class that would become the first high school graduating class of Lititz Christian School. (David Bernhardt & Ben Bruckhart were in that class!)

I've seen the school improving year after year, always pursuing excellence in academics, sports, fine arts, technology, but most of all in inspiring students to love mercy, do what is right and walk humbly with their God to impact their world for Christ.