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Sunshine, or Sunny as she is called, has overcome unbelievable odds and is thriving as a student at Lititz Christian. In August of 2019 she was adopted by Jen and Eric Lewis. 

Quickly after moving to Lititz and beginning her studies, Sunny recognized the incredible support system that exists at Lititz Christian. Emboldened to serve others she initiated a schoolwide collection to give donations to Milagro House - a home for moms and children who are rebuilding their lives. Yet Sunny hasn’t stopped there. After hearing about a kindergartener in a neighboring school with cancer, she rallied the support of her classmates in a 'Pink Out' for Makenna where she sold bracelets to support her cause.

It is clear that the favor Sunshine has received doesn’t end with her. Her heart is filled with concern for others. “The people at Lititz Christian have given me a new hope for my future. When I left my old school, I was failing and didn’t think I was going to pass tenth grade, let alone graduate from high school. My faith has grown so much in the past two years because of the presence of God at Lititz Christian.”

The light in Sunshine’s eyes glimmers with an overflowing hope. Her dreams now extend beyond graduating to serving those around her. She has had opportunities working with the kindergarten class at Lititz Christian and loves it!  She hopes to work with children in the future.