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SungJu Park

Since leaving Lititz Christian School, I have lived in Pittsburgh for my higher education. I went to the University of Pittsburgh both for my undergraduate and graduate school for Social Work. I am a social worker. I want to use what I was given, including time, loved ones, and health, for the purpose it was given to me, which is to help make life fair. I will continue to work for populations out there who are vulnerable and voiceless to make their lives less unfair.

LC definitely helped me to improve my English and helped me to learn how to survive in an environment where it does not feel comfortable (since I am an international student). The experience I had in LC made me stronger as a person.

My absolute favorite memory at LC is my experience of being a manager for the boys varsity soccer team for two years. I remember cheering for the team, and all the audience from the other side of the soccer field could hear my cheering voice. This unique experience definitely helped me to adjust well at LC and allowed me to grow my heart for the school and the people.