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Shari Ober

I graduated from Warwick High School, and have my CDA in Infant and Toddlers.  I have taken some classes at HACC for Early Childhood Development and continue to take classes.
For the last eleven years, I’ve been the lead teacher for the ELC infant room. Prior to that, I split my days between the nursery and other ELC rooms. I was a teacher’s aide for three years in the pre K room.  September it mark my 19th year at the Early Learning Center. I was a parent here at Lititz Christian for nine years before that. 

My life has been through many changes through the 27 years here, including divorce, remarriage, my ex-husband finding Jesus through the help of my daughter, even a fire at our house. Interesting side note: the three LC administrators at the time showed up at my house along with the fire trucks and helped me called my insurance man, who was also a parent here!  For the next three months, from December until March, we lived in a trailer. During that time, Grace Church, LC staff and families helped us with meals and supplies. 

My daughter also worked the early morning shift at the ELC before starting her own school day, and touched many lives. She also worked for another service that provided care for children and adults.  The mother of a child she cared for was so impressed with her countenance that she asked what school my daughter attended. That child and mother have now been a big part of the Lititz Christian family for several years. My daughter met her husband while both were students at Lititz Christian School.  They now have four children and he is a worship pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Pottstown, PA.  

I still live in Lititz with my husband, stepson, two dogs and a cat. Together we have three children and eight grandchildren. I continue to try to show God’s love and touch each parent and child’s life I come in contact with.  Our much-loved former ELC administrator, Sherry McConaghay, always told me to treat each child as if they were mine, and when those little ones leave the nursery to move up to the next room I am just so proud of them and even sadder to see them go. 
This place is my home away from home, never a job.