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Sarah Gehman

After graduating from Lititz Christian School in 2011, I took a few online classes with Liberty University and then I launched into a full time life with Youth With a Mission(YWAM). Since 2013, I've been a part of a documentary film team called the Ekballo Project. We have traveled to some of the most unreached nations with the gospel including the Middle East and the Himalayas. We create short documentaries of what God is doing in these locations and then we take these films on tour to college campuses around the U.S.A in hopes of calling more missionaries to the field. I am one of my team's photographers, as well as our merchandise, social media and website manager. To support myself financially during these years, I've spent my summers photographing weddings. I've been photographing weddings for five years now and absolutely love my job. Plus, I always get cake. It's a win-win! My desire for wedding photography is to create clean, timeless, beautiful and JOYFUL images that showcase each couple. For the year 2018, I'll be living in Kona, Hawaii, with YWAM with hopes of moving internationally more permanently in the next few years as a missionary / wedding photographer hybrid.

To view some of Ekballo Project's short films, visit our website