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Pam Ziegfeld Thompson

I graduated from Lititz Christian School in 1998, and then attended Grace College in Winona Lake, IN, from 98-02, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in counseling.
Currently, I live in Ft Wayne, Indiana with my husband, Ken, and three of our kids, Kyle, 14, Zak, 6 and Brielle, 4.  Alexis, who is 19, lives in Leesburg, IN.  I am a stay at home mom.  We just moved to Ft Wayne a little over a year ago.  We are in the process of getting plugged in to a church, Blackhawk Ministries, which is associated with the school our kids attend, Blackhawk Christian School.  I love that the kids have the same opportunity I had to attend a school that teaches them about Jesus!  We have been searching for a place to call our church home since we have moved and are excited to finally get connected and involved!
Ken and I own Clarity Pool Service, a pool business that we purchased just last spring. Ken works out in the field doing the onsite work as well as the marketing and MANY other things.  I handle the office with customer calls and a lot of the paperwork.  I have had some really neat opportunities to connect with the customers by hearing many of their stories and getting involved in their lives, and have even had the privilege of praying with one of them!