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Mr Seth

Wears Valley Ranch, in Sevierville, TN, has a mission of promoting the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and physical development of children in need of a stronger family support system. It is through Christ-centered home settings and many volunteers that this mission comes to life.

For the past nine years, Lititz Christian School has had the privilege of serving, encouraging, and enriching the lives of the students living at the ranch. Seth Houser is known as “Mr. Seth” by everyone at Wears Valley.  At the ranch he is the Recreational Director and Volunteer Supervisor. Each year, Lititz Christian students work with Mr. Seth to complete work projects around the ranch as well as spend quality time with the kids. 

Mr. Seth attests that, "because of Lititz Christian School and their ministry to Wears Valley Ranch, our students feel encouraged and loved. From students completing various jobs around our campus, to playing, fellowshipping, and by praying for us year-round, the love of the students serving from Lititz Christian is deeply felt. Most volunteer mission groups who come to Wears Valley Ranch are adults, and the fact that Lititz brings young people to love our kids is especially meaningful. Thank you Lititz Christian for your consistency over the years. You truly are having an impact on many lives.