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Janie Wehrer

After graduating from Lititz Christian in 2017, I knew God was telling me to go to a Bible school called Summit International School of Ministry in Grantville, PA. It is the Bible school of Times Square Church in New York City. It is where my parents met and worked and really came to have an intimate walk with God. I did not want to go to this school because I was focused on achieving a degree in higher education, but I was obedient to God even when it was hard. The blessing of obedience always exceeds our imaginations. The school opened up many doors for me because of its international affiliations, and I found myself with amazing friends and connections to ministries all over the world at a young age. I also got to study the Bible deeply for myself and seek God in a very focused way which has a transformative power I cannot explain. 

After my first year I took a summer internship in Medellin, Colombia, with a missionary and friend of my school. I served for three months, living above a homeless shelter and working primarily in a drug rehab program for women. We did ministry in the streets, prisons, and slums. My favorite ministry was with kids in a displaced community in the mountains, there were about 200 children that came every Saturday to be fed and taught the gospel. The stronghold of the city is drugs, it affects virtually everything, and the spiritual warfare and oppression I witnessed there is unlike anything I had ever seen. God broke my heart, but I got to experience the presence of Jesus in the dirtiest and darkest places. 

Now I am in my second and last year of Bible school. I have many responsibilities and so much fun. One thing I have studied in detail at school is the New Covenant, the foundation of my faith, it is like unfolding freedom. God has this ministry of revealing how much he loves us, and it changes the way we see and think and act when we receive this revelation progressively. I love life with Jesus. 

I had the opportunity to travel to France over Christmas break with my roommate who is from Paris. We got to speak at her father’s church, and once again I was amazed that God would allow me to witness His remnant in another country, worshiping Him in French, they were so sincere and generous. 

I graduate school in May, and I hope to intern at Times Square Church and serve in New York City, while finishing my degree online through Lancaster Bible College. I have so many dreams, but I know God’s dreams for my life are bigger, so I am asking for them now. I am just walking through the doors God opens and I since all I want to do is know Him more I can expect every day to get better. 

Looking back, Lititz Christian School was a launching pad for me. I am so thankful for the foundation it provided. I know that I learned the importance of having a community and Christian friends. I still remember going early to school for prayer in the morning, where my friends and I would uphold each other and pray for the school. Although perhaps unaware at the time, I know now that Bible classes and chapel grew my hunger to know Gods word. But, what I really remember is the influence of my teachers. My teachers at Lititz Christian were godly people. People like Ross McCracken, Ms. Urquhart, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Pankratz, and really, every other one I had from third grade to twelfth grade had such a positive impact on my life. They exemplified dedication, we were their ministry, and they worked tirelessly. I will never forget some of my teachers at LC. 
Another very influential experience I had through Lititz Christian was my senior missions trip to Guatemala. That trip gave me such a burden for missions. I will never forget it, and my heart still aches to return. It was true ministry, and it changed me. I still sponsor a little girl named Ani that I connected with while there two years ago. Since returning from that trip, God confirmed a calling of missions for my life, and I just want to serve Him. 

Thank you Lititz Christian for all that you have done for me and all that you do, your influence reaches deeper than you know and it is carried in the hearts of students. I remember seeing a teacher not leave the school until 9 o’clock at night because she was running a concession stand for her class’s missions trip, and other being there early Saturday morning to run sports programs. Teachers at Lititz Christian give so much. I know their reward in heaven will be so great. God is their strength and source, and I hope they are encouraged because their lives make a difference. Students of Lititz Christian have bright futures, and will be world changers because of the constant love and patient dedication that they are shown. They are capable of impacting their world!