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Clubhouse Guatemala

Imagine living on $1 a day. No, that's not a joke, $1. How would your life be different? What types of decisions would you need to make on a daily basis? What if you had a family? What priorities are worth that one dollar? These are the types of decisions that our neighbors in Guatemala have to make on a daily basis. Is there work for me today? Can we feed our children?  At what age do my children need to quit school so they can begin to work to add to our family income? And, thus, the cycle of poverty continues; same dollar, same decisions, same outcomes for the next generation.
This is why Lititz Christian School partners with Clubhouse Guatemala, a ministry that provides services so vitally important to average families in Guatemala today.  Through child sponsorship, a family can keep their children in school until they graduate from high school. This alone will radically transform the future of the family. Yet, Clubhouse does even more! Water filtration, new stoves for cooking, new additions to home, new shoes and school supplies for the kids and, most importantly, a clear message of Jesus' love and care for each one of these beautiful families.
That's why we go to Guatemala with our students. The opportunity to step outside our comfort here in the U.S. and to work alongside the wonderful servants of Jesus at Clubhouse Guatemala, to hold precious children and to see them smile, to witness the poverty, but to also see the redeeming power of God in the lives of so many.  It’s an eye-opening experience that can be life-changing for those who participate.