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Transferring to Lititz Christian School in 7th grade was a big risk for me. I was worried about making friends and being at a Christian School. However, getting involved in academic and extracurricular activities made my transition from public school seamless. 

Being at a small school means my teachers know me personally and care about my interests. I know I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities at my old school. In preparation for college I have earned college credits in Pre-Calculus, Political Science, and English Literature, all through Lititz Christian.

When it comes to extracurriculars, volleyball takes the win. For the past three years I participated on the Lititz Christian Volleyball Team. Two of these seasons we astounded everyone by making it to the PIAA District3 championships! It felt so good to be the underdog and surprise everyone by winning back to back District championship titles. I attribute our success to our coaches and the close-knit nature of our team. 

The attention to individual interests and emphasis on relationships at Lititz Christian has made a lasting impact on my personal growth.