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Ethan & Oren

Intergenerational relationships are integral to the thriving of the body of Christ. At Lititz Christian we aim to cultivate connections throughout our K-12 student body. It can be challenging, but it works! 

This spring, auditions were held for students interested in performing in the annual Spring Musical. Participants were instructed to find an audition partner – someone with whom they were comfortable singing. Immediately, senior Ethan Gerard said, “Okay, Oren, that’s us,” to Oren Bruckhart, a sixth grader and first-time musical performer. After high-fiving each other, they set out to learn the song needed for the audition. 

When it was time for the two of them to each bravely sing a solo in front of the rest of the group, Ethan strongly encouraged young Oren saying, "You got this. I know you got this." Oren sang confidently and beautifully and then turned to Ethan. With a smile on his face, Oren echoed the words back to his seasoned audition partner, "You got this... I know you got this!"

It was a small gesture on Ethan’s part that meant the world to Oren. After speaking with Oren about his experience he shared that, “preparing for the Lititz Christian musical with Ethan is like working with an older brother, he’s so kind.”  This is exactly the culture we aim to cultivate at Lititz Christian, one where students of diverse age ranges can spend time getting to know each other as they work together.