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Adam Cai is an international student and Junior at Lititz Christian School. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Adam desires to make an impact for Christ both locally and to the ends of the earth.  Participating in several ministries at LC, he serves with excellence and integrity. He uses his musical talent during weekly chapel worship and leads students in a weekly Bible study. His passion for his family, his friends, and his faith is clear.
This passion wasn't always the case for Adam while growing up in Beijing, China. He was raised by loving parents, yet their family didn’t have a faith in God. After enrolling at Lititz Christian School, Adam deepened his love and understanding of Jesus and His redeeming power. Feeling the weight of his sin, he turned his life over to God and has since become passionate about his faith. Adam has adopted the heart of Jesus for the lost, especially for his family in China.   
This winter Adam’s parents came to visit him in the United States. They stayed with Adam’s host grandparents Don and Jean Hoover, who are the parents of Karla Martin, a teacher at Lititz Christian. As a result of Adam’s testimony and a conversation with Mr. Hoover, Mr. Cai placed his trust in Jesus.  Baptized at the Lititz Rec Center that same week, Mr. Cai made a public declaration of his newfound faith in Christ.  As Adam’s father has returned to China, he now has the opportunity to reach business associates, friends, and family for Christ. Only God knows how far-reaching the impact will be.