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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports Program at Lititz Christian School

Purpose of the Program:
            The intramural program at Lititz Christian School will provide student’s in grades 1-4 the opportunity to learn about the sport (soccer, basketball, and volleyball), learn and develop the skills necessary for that sport, and enjoy the sport through game play. This program will prepare student’s effectively for entrance into the Middle School athletic programs at LC.

Program Objectives
  • Allow Varsity Coaches and Athlets to work with  and build relationships wieth the elementary aged students and create more of a program mentality
  • Provide a funamental foundation i nthe sport for the participants that will allow for a smoother transition onto the Middle School athletic teams at LC
  • Expand the depth of hte athletic program at LC to include students from grades 1-12 and further develop the schoolwide unity and fellowship that is desired at LC
  • Be an outreach to the community as we seek to include non-LC students for participation in the program
Goals of the Program:
  • Participants will identify sport(s) they enjoy and have a desire to compete in at a higher level.
  • Participants will actively participate in fun drills and activities that will teach and provide practice in the fundamental skills needed for their selected sport(s).



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