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Virtual Preview Day

Thanks to all who attended Virtual Preview Day 2020!

(Resource links are still active for those who would missed the date but would like to sample an LC class. Check out the virtual chapel link as well!)

Agenda for April 30, 2020

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 9:00am  - All families meet with Niki Cadwalader
10:00am - Elementary School Meeting with teachers
10:30am - Middle School Meeting with teachers
11:30am - High School Meeting with teachers

Link to a special virtual Chapel featuring worship music from music director, Mrs Swift and senior, Adam Cai; and an encouraging message from Mr Ross McCracken.

Elementary Resources

PE with Mr. Dunk
Kindergarten Math review with Mrs McNaughton
Grade 1 Science with Mrs Spotts
Grade 2 Language Arts with Mrs Mason
Grade 2 more Language Arts with Mrs Mason
Grade 2 Reading lesson with Mrs Mason
Grade 2 Reading lesson with Mrs Mason
Grade 3 Math lesson with Miss Mickel
Grade 4 US History with Mr Brown
Grade 4 Language Arts with Mr Brown
Grade K-2 Spanish Bingo Game Instructions

Middle School Resources

Music warm ups with Mrs. Swift
Grade 5 Language Arts Project with Mrs Fisher
Grade 5 Science lesson with Mrs Patz
Grade 5 more Science with Mrs Patz
Grade 5 even more Science with Mrs Patz
Grade 6 Math with Mrs Lauson
Grade 7-8 Bible lesson with Mr Hiestand
Middle School Algebra 1 with Mrs Lauson
Middle School Pre-Algebra with Mrs Lauson
Middle Schol STEAM with Mrs Dunk
Middle School Computer with Mrs Trimble

High School Resources

Grade 9 English lesson with Mrs. Balmer
Grade 9 Computer lesson with Mrs Echternach
Grade 10 Honors Chemistry with Mr Swift
Grade 10 History with Mr Beachy
Grade 10 Art with Mr Pankratz 
Honors Geometry Lesson with Mrs Hoover
High School Spanish-1 lesson with Mrs. Rittler
High School Accounting with Mrs Chaboya
High School English with Mrs Williams


Thank you for joining us!
Your hosts for the day:

Niki Cadwalader,
Admissions Director


Allyson Harmon
Allyson Harmon,
Elem & MS Principal


Ryan McCracken,
High School Principal