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Kindergarten Readiness Class

Welcome to Lititz Christian School's virtual Kindergarten Readiness class
This class is open to all pre-kindergarten children with parent support

Prepared lessons from our kindergarten teachers and specials teachers are provided for you, the parent, to guide your child in practicing skills necessary for kindergarten readiness. 
Here is a parent handout with more information.

Expectations of Parents:
  • Watch the videos with your child and reinforce readiness skills at home
  • Submit photos of student work to Mrs Harmon or Mrs Cadwalader
  • Have basic supplies on hand: glue stick, crayons, paper, and scissors
  • Complete an exit survey at the end of the class

This class is being offered
by donation.

Kindergarten Readiness Class Teachers and Leaders

Mrs McNaughton
Mrs Christin McNaughton,
Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs Kachel
Mrs Cindy Kachel,
Kindergarten Teacher


Allyson Harmon
Mrs Allyson Harmon,
Senior Director of Education


Mrs Niki Cadwalader,
Admissions Director